Love. Courage. Creativity. Passion. These are some of the emotions that drive me.

It was many years ago that I discovered photography as a form of expression. When I was fourteen years of age I went on an expedition into the jungles of Mexico. I wanted to be able to share this mysterious and exotic world with other people. It was then I knew that photography would be my tool for sharing my emotions of beauty and awe. That is how my life in photography began.

As I became more experienced with photography, I began to see the world differently, more deeply, more detailed. It seemed like time slowed down as I became more aware of my surroundings. This was not only new and fulfilling for me as a person, but it was also a great tool for my photography.

In my hunger for new adventures, I decided to try making a parachute jump. I thought it would be a one-time thing, but during that jump, I experienced peace, excitement and a number of other unexplainable feelings rushing through my being. I had found yet another playground for my photography. Why do I tell you this story when we are in a non-skydiving side of my site? Because the experiences that I have from that world wonderfully affect my entire life, who I am and my style of photography.

To master the photography and cinematography of skydiving, I had to become comfortable with the challenges associated with that sport. I had to make a world that I considered crazy at one time “normal”. I had time limits measured in seconds and I had to deal with the multiple variables of a high- speed environment. Shooting in this fantastical aerial world has made me a better photographer. I learned to anticipate what would happen next, to perceive danger, but not allow it to overwhelm me, to know where the frame of my camera was without looking through the viewfinder. It gave me inner peace and my visions became clearer. My images are a representation of this magical world and my state of mind as I flew my body across the sky; one of nature’s most beautiful playgrounds.

When I find myself shooting more grounded subjects I feel like I have so much time. I can absorb even more of my surroundings. I feel connected with everything! When I am feeling this way, a new level of photography emerges with an even greater sensitivity for my subjects and for new and unusual ideas. I feel lucky to be a photographer. I am most alive when I am behind my camera.

I invite you to wander through all areas of our site including ourskydiving side. Please send us your comments. I love to learn what people experience as they see our work and share in our adventures.

Who I am, is the possibility of Love, Courage, Creativity and Adventure.

Norman A. Kent